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Impossible February 17, 2010

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Impossible by Nancy Werlin

I loved this truly unusual retelling of the “Scarborough Fair” ballad. Suspenseful, supernatural, romantic.

Lucy Scarborough learns at 17 that all the women of her family have lived under a curse – they go insane at the birth of their child. She is reminded of what may happen to her in the infrequent mad visits by her own mother, who will show up at school or in the neighborhood to stare, throw shoes, or curse.

After she is raped and becomes pregnant, Lucy that there is a sinister reason behind this curse. An elfin king has cursed her family in retribution for spurned love. Yet, if Lucy can perform three impossible tasks, listed in the old ballad “Scarborough Fair” that her mother used to sing, she might break free of the spell.

Readalikes: Zel by Donna Jo Napoli


Princess Ben

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Princess Ben by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Not your typical fairy tale.

When Benevolence’s parents are assassinated, she becomes next in line to the throne. Manners and ladylike behavior become important as Ben comes under the notice of her manipulative aunt, Queen Sophia. Ben stubbornly refuses to conform, and is locked in the castle’s tallest tower where her aunt hopes that hunger and loneliness will break her spirit. However, Ben stumbles upon a secret enchanted room, where she begins her study of the magic arts. With her newfound freedom and secret knowledge, she learns to find the strength she will need to save her kingdom.



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Mutiny: A Novel of the Bounty by John Boyne

When pickpocket John Jacob Turnstile is arrested for trying to steal a pocketwatch, he is given a choice to either rot in prison or venture on board a ship bound for South Asia.

He chooses to board the bounty, captained by the moody and brilliant Captain Bligh, who leads the crew on a doomed voyage to Tahiti. Bligh meets fierce resistance when he tries to get his crew to leave the idyllic island, and Turnstile finds himself caught between his loyalty to the captain, his intense dislike of the mutineers, and his intense longing for paradise and home.

Readalikes: Stowaway by Karen Hesse; Pirates by Celia Rees


Here Lies Arthur

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Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve

Have you ever wondered if all the stories about King Arthur were true?

This retelling of the Arthurian legend is set in a dark and brutal time, where Arthur is depicted as a bullying and selfish warlord of a rough gang of outlaws. His success depends on the stories and tricks that the bard Myrddin creates to build up a legend in the superstitious eyes of the common people. When young Gwyna’s village is burned by mauraders, she is taken into Myrddin’s care. She becomes a key to Myrddin’s schemes, as she is transformed into the Lady of the Lake, disguises herself as a boy, and becomes a spy.

Readalikes: Edge on the Sword by Rebecca Tingle