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Impossible February 17, 2010

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Impossible by Nancy Werlin

I loved this truly unusual retelling of the “Scarborough Fair” ballad. Suspenseful, supernatural, romantic.

Lucy Scarborough learns at 17 that all the women of her family have lived under a curse – they go insane at the birth of their child. She is reminded of what may happen to her in the infrequent mad visits by her own mother, who will show up at school or in the neighborhood to stare, throw shoes, or curse.

After she is raped and becomes pregnant, Lucy that there is a sinister reason behind this curse. An elfin king has cursed her family in retribution for spurned love. Yet, if Lucy can perform three impossible tasks, listed in the old ballad “Scarborough Fair” that her mother used to sing, she might break free of the spell.

Readalikes: Zel by Donna Jo Napoli


Wicked Lovely October 16, 2009

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wickedlovelyWicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aishlinn can see fairies. Not your garden-variety, sweet flower fairies. Fairies that walk unseen in the human world, beautiful, capricious, fierce. If they are feeling mischievious might tie your shoe laces together, or hide your socks. Yet, on a whim, they can be far more sinister and cruel. Aishlinn has always been able to see them, and so can her grandmother. She has impressed upon her some fundamental rules.

  1. Don’t ever attract their attention
  2. Don’t speak to invisible fairies
  3. Don’t stare at invisible fairies

If they ever found out that she could see them, they might put out her eyes, or something far worse. She lives her life on edge, trying not to acknowledge the fairies all around her. But, the rules are changing. She is being stalked by several fairies, and she finds out that the Summer King has set his sights on her.

Sequels: Ink Exchange, Fragile Eternity

Readalikes: Tithe by Holly Black; The Blue Girl by Charles de Lint